Saturday, May 30, 2009

...a few thoughts

Saturday is officially wildcard day…when anything goes! So...what’s on my mind today? What it means to be a foodie. You hear the word thrown around a lot these's sort of a catch-all buzzword to describe anyone who enjoys food or cooking. Today, I want to talk about what being a foodie means to ME.

To me, a foodie is someone who is truly passionate about food: trying new foods and recipes, discovering how foods taste - alone and in different combinations, and cooking for the people who they care about. In my case, this can mean food that I make myself at home or food that I discover on one of the many "foodie adventures" I go on. A big part of the joy in discovering a new food, recipe, or restaurant is in the journey. There's always something new to discover and add to my "bag of tricks"!

I personally try to be responsible with my eating…meaning, I try to keep my foodie splurges to once or twice a week. I'm always fighting two opposite desires: the desire to eat lots of yummy food with the desire to still fit into my clothes :)!! Treadmill time helps a great deal in this quest! Besides, I think that I savor my splurges just a little more when I look forward to them as a special treat.

The rest of the time I try to eat pretty healthy: whole grains, lean protein, and fresh fruit and veggies. We’ve been eating a lot of organic strawberries the past couple of weeks because they’re in season: which means they’re ripe, juicy…and also budget-friendly! Healthy doesn’t have to mean bland and boring, though. I’m a HUGE fan of the recipes that can be found in the searchable database at Cooking Light magazine’s Web site: Their recipes feature healthy food that is still full of flavor.

What I try very hard NOT to be is a food snob, but I know that I can be at times. I love good cheese, organic produce, and expensive chocolate because I've found that you usually get what you pay for. I also love going to a four-star restaurant for a fancy multi-course meal. But I'm also a big fan of the Southern comfort foods that I grew up with: mashed potatoes, chicken and dumplings, fried seafood, etc. Food doesn't necessarily HAVE to be expensive or stuffy to be both tasty and soul-satisfying. My bottom line is pretty basic: If it tastes good, then I'll eat it!!

So that's what being a foodie means to ME. Now it's your turn to tell me what being a foodie...or an aspiring foodie...means to YOU!!!

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