Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hello from San Antonio, Texas!! This place is home to some of the best Mexican food and margaritas to be found anywhere! I grew up in the Houston area and have lived in Texas my entire life. I am known among my circle of friends and family as a die-hard foodie...and a pretty good cook. I just know that cooking (and eating what I create) are two of the things that I enjoy most in life. So...I thought I'd start a blog to share fun finds that I come across on my foodie journey!! I'll share recipes I try and like, new foods I find...and who knows what else this will evolve into?

I also love to create playlists on iTunes to play in the background while I cook...and while we eat. It just sort of sets the right "atmosphere" so to speak. So...I might share some of those playlists along the way as well. My husband Michael and I just took a trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley last month. We're trying to learn more about wine and wine pairings, so the Napa leg of the trip was very informative. I love to incorporate my love of travel with my love of food, so I'm sure I'll be sharing more of that along the way too.

I just wanted to introduce myself today. Tomorrow's first "official" post will tell you my Top 10 favorite "essential" foodie necessities!!! See you tomorrow!!!


  1. Wendy! This is awesome - I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this blog. You could be the next "Coconut & Lime" or "Smitten Kitchen"! Have a great one!

  2. Thanks, gal...that would be cool if this ended up taking off and getting popular. Guess we'll see...spread the word to your foodie friends to stop by!!